Our program is simple. We take your artwork, design an NFT and Shirt, and sell it on MerchNFT.com. For every sale made, you make a 65% of the net proceeds. All you need to do is let your fans know and you’ll make money.


  • Provide us with a photo, video, or animation of your choice. We will take the asset and create a custom NFT digital card as seen in this example. We’ll also incorporate the artwork onto a shirt or hat design.
  • We will handle all minting/transactional costs as well as fulfillment of physical items.
  • NFT bundle will be available on MerchNFT.com
  • You promote the NFT to your fans.
  • You make 65% of the net proceeds.


Example Campaign: Xavier Wulf

What is an NFT?
A “Non-Fungible Token” is a digital collectable that gets “minted” onto the blockchain and can easily be easily bought, sold and traded in the marketplace. You can read more about it here

What do we do with your image or video file?
We are going to turn your content into a physical & digital collectors card as an NFT (Non Fungible Token)

Who owns the rights to the image?
You are the 100% owner of the artwork still as we are only using the image to create the digital NFT and collectors card (Think of it as we are making “baseball” trading cards but with artists & content creators)

Can the people that buy my NFT use the art for anything else?
No, they only own the “collectable” card and NFT just like a trading card

How do I benefit from doing this?
You make 65% of the NFT net proceeds and also ride the wave of this explosive NFT market

How do I start?
Send us an image, video, or animation that you would like to use for your NFT and we will take care of the rest as far as the NFT design

Once my NFT is created, what do I do?
You promote the link on social media and we will also help drive traffic to your new NFT!


  • Each digital card NFT comes tethered with an exclusive physical collector card edition, serialized and authenticated.
  • Our platform can accept fiat (e.g. credit card), eliminating the biggest barrier to attracting potential buyers.  We also accept ETH.
  • Our platform is carbon neutral.


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