1. Mint your digital collectible NFT
2. Name your price
3. Sell to collectors

Merch NFT specializes in creating digital merchandise through NFT’s. We partner with digital content owners and creators to mint their collectible NFT’s onto the Ethereum network. Once your images or videos are minted into into digital collectibles, they are ready to be purchased on an NFT marketplace for collectors to buy!

Artist rights and royalties

Blockchain enables a transparent ledger that allows rights owners to fully capture revenue from their IP.

Fractional ownership

Ownership use to be limited to the uber-wealthy. NFT democratizes ownership so that anyone can own a piece of what would otherwise be exclusive to wealthy collectors.

Demystify Blockchain

NFT brings common collectables and behavior to complex technology and makes it easy to understand.

Counterfeit and theft

Black market and counterfeit products make up a major share of collectables. NFT prevents illegitimate sources thus further protecting the value of the asset.  



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