Kaodraws – Hannya


Inspired by Japanese folklore, Hannya represents female rage and pain.

Hannya begins as a normal human, but when she is overwhelmed with sorrow, feeling betrayal, rage, and hurt, she turns into a demon. The mask itself represents female rage and pain, but it is also a symbol of good luck; warding off the evil. The Chinese symbol for Push and Pull on the arms of Hannya, represents Ying and Yang, Good and Evil, Life and Death.

About Kaodraws
Kaodraws is a Taiwanese Canadian surreal dreamscape artist living in Vancouver BC. Inspired by her dreams and everyday life, her art can be described as spontaneous, fun, dark, and goes with the flow, combining little things to create a bigger picture. By day, she is a web and swag designer, making merch. At all times, she’s an artist who is fuelled by laughter, creativity, and dancing.

Limited edition of 10.

*Every NFT purchase will be accompanied by a physical collectors card, each one serialized and authenticated.

*The artist will donate 75% of the proceeds to charities active in the #StandWithAsians and #HateIsAVirus campaigns.

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