Wazgraphics – Law of Cause & Effect


Ley (ལས་) is an old Tibetan term that depicts the concept of cause and effect. It is the culmination of all primary and secondary contributors that shape a series of events. In the English language, Ley is more commonly known as karma. For Tibetans, Ley (ལས་) transcends death and is like a shadow tailing the individual in every aspect of life. This piece aims to portray the very important and embedded ideology for Tibetans of Ley (ལས་) in a new form through NFT art.

About the Artist

Kalsang Wangyal is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for companies and local businesses based in Canada. Kalsang’s style adapts traditional Tibetan art into a digital format that reflects his experience as a Tibetan born in India and immigrant living in Toronto.


*Every NFT purchase will be accompanied by a physical collectors card, each one serialized and authenticated.

Limited edition of 10.

*The artist will donate a percentage of the proceeds to charities active in the COVID-19 relief efforts in India.

10 in stock